mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

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Recycling things is very important to reduce pollution , but you can't recycle everything. 
You can recycle plastic, paper, glass, metal , textile and electronics. 
Recycling banks have different colours depending on the material that you are using: 
plastic bank is yellow, paper bank is white, glass bank is blue, organic  waste is green. 
Another way to help stop pollution is to reduce rubbish from 10 bags to 6 bags .You can also reuse shopping bags every time you go shopping and you canrecycleglass, paper and plastic. 
A big problem is that people don't usually pay attention to the so called " three Rs program" (Reduce, reuse,recycle) when they go shopping and at home. At school we should reduce the amount of paper we use every day, 
we should photocopy  both sides of a paper and recycle it for different purposes. 

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